The Simplest Way to Keep Your Bike Wheels from Being Stolen

Anti-theft device Nutlock received overwhelming support on Kickstarter, will begin production

Whether you ride your bike as a recreational activity, a workout or as your main mode of transportation, when you stop somewhere and lock it up, you expect your bike—and both wheels—to be where you left them when you return. It goes without saying that returning to find the entire bike gone or the tires taken off is terrible. Each scenario is no more ideal then the other, because no matter which way you look at it, you need to walk or get a ride from where ever you’re stranded. Not only does bike theft throw off your entire day, but it can also put a damper on your wallet.

Anyone who rides their bike to work or to run errands knows they need to lock their bike, but many people don’t know the correct way to lock their bikes.

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Quick release wheel skewers are one of the most beneficial bike technologies, but they also aide thieves in the process of stealing your bike wheel or even the whole bike, depending on how your bike is locked to the bike rack.

Having your bike stolen is frustrating and two students from USC had enough, so they decided to design Nutlock, an anti-theft technology. The device replaces the already current wheel fasteners, whether that be quick release skewers or standard hex nuts. This replaced device helps to secure each wheel to the bike frame and is designed to be removed with a special key that only fits Nutlocks, which will deter thieves from stealing your bike by using most standard tools.

Nutlock is a one-time security measure that adds a high level of protection that no longer requires you having to carry extra bike locks to fully secure your wheels and bike. However you do still need one lock for securing your bike to the bike rack, as Nutlock is only a lock for your wheels. When you take the tiny tool with you, you can remove the tires on the go and as a bonus, the tool doubles as a bottle opener.

Nutlock was successfully crowd funded in September; backers pledged $60,009, far surpassing the initial goal of $15,000. Backers could have made pledges solely because Nutlock is a great concept, but we’re thinking that maybe someone made the big $6,666 pledge for to get the special privilege listed below.

Nutlock will start at $25 and you can find more information on their website.

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