Simple Ways to Make Waking Up Easier

Experts share tips and tricks that can help make your mornings bearable, and maybe even enjoyable

Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who find that waking up and getting out of bed in the morning—without hitting snooze seven times—isn’t all that difficult to do.

And quite frankly, most who don’t fall into the above category often refer to the people who do as, what’s the word? Oh yeah… Freaks.

Seriously, what do the early birds know that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Well, for starters they’re probably good about getting to bed on time and consistently catching quality ZzZs. The best way to make sure you’ll feel energized when it’s time to wake up is by regularly logging about seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Of course, being well rested doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll suddenly be joyfully leaping out of bed when your alarm goes off. (This, you’ve likely already discovered.)

You’ve got ambitions, though. Maybe you have dreams of one day starting an early morning exercise routine. Or maybe you wish you had extra morning time to prepare and sit down to a healthy breakfast.

Whatever your intentions, by implementing the following tips and tricks, you can learn how to make waking up easier, so that mornings are more bearable, and maybe, dare we even say it? Enjoyable.

Leave Water by Your Bedside

“After awakening from hours in hibernation, your body wants liquids,” says Constance Dunn, a lifestyle expert and author of “Practical Glamour.”  “In order to start the cycle of another day, leave a glass of water next to your bedside table. When the alarm goes off, drink approximately three to four mouthfuls. You'll not only hydrate your body but you'll also quench your dry mouth, which helps prep your brain for mental and physical activity.”

Don't Expect an Overnight Transition

Dunn suggests transitioning into your new early morning persona with baby steps. “I met a girl at a party, she's an a-plus early-bird who leaps out of bed at five in the morning each day,” Dunn explained.  “Her cheat day, I learned, was Sunday when she sleeps in until ‘around 7:30 a.m.’ I pressed her for tips on how to help with my morning wake-up. Her regime was so hardcore: wake up and hit the ground with push-ups and sit-ups before dedicating time to advancing her French language skills.” Instead of trying to tackle the entire world and drastically revamp your wake up routine all at once, make small adjustments that will slowly help train your brain and body to wake up earlier and more easily. “Ignore the early risers,” Dunn said. “Take baby steps on the route to waking up with more ease.”

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