A Simple Guide to Interval Training (Infographic)

The methodology, terminology and science behind this popular style of exercise
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When it comes to exercise, high intensity interval training could be the best bang for your buck. Last week, we featured a few stories about how these workouts may beat out other training programs. 

Our correspondant, Karina Stabile, summed it up this way:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an excellent form of exercise that involves alternating short periods of maximum intensity effort with longer intervals of lower/more moderate intensity. HIIT programs are typically completed in short durations of time and can be equally or even more effective than longer, less intense workouts.

We also highlighted a new 8-minute spin on HIIT called "high intensity circuit training." The program combines both resistance and aerobic exercise for a super challenging workout, and was featured in the American College of Sports Medicine's journal Health & Fitness. It was created by Brett Klika and Chris Jordan of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida. 

The awesome infographic below tops off our coverage with additional facts on the benefits of interval training and the science behind the method. It also compares three of the most popular HIIT programs: Tabata method, little method and turbulence training.

Through these resources, you can better understand this approach to exercise, as well as choose a HIIT program that best fits your needs or desires.

H/T Greatist.

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