Signs You’re on the Verge of Workout Burnout

It’s a thin line between a healthy amount of exercise and a dangerous amount

Here at The Active Times, we love to tout the benefits of exercise. From better digestion to clearer skin and even a stronger immune system, the right amount of exercise can do wondrous things for our health, but what about when we overdo it?[slideshow:1324]

While some people have a tough time getting regular exercise, others struggle with overtraining. Most regular exercisers don’t need to worry about overtraining, but those training for major fitness events or spending upwards of five hours a week in the gym are at risk. It’s a thin line between a healthy amount of exercise and a dangerous amount, which can lead to burnout.

Most people avoid workout burnout by scheduling rest days, working in active recovery and cross training, but some people struggle with overtraining. It can be hard to know when your fitness plan is too much for your body to handle, which is why we pointed out a few key signs you might be on the verge of workout burnout.

In order to recognize burnout you have to be honest with yourself about your limitations and ready to give yourself a break from the gym. Take a look at the signs and consider giving yourself a little more time off if you think you could be at risk.

Poor Performance

A tougher training schedule always means better performance, right? Not exactly—working out too hard or for too long can take its toll. Overtraining is a real issue and pushing too hard can yield less than desirable results. Lousy performance, stalled progress and even susceptibility to injury are all a result of overtraining, when your edge in the gym starts to slip, it might be time for a break.

You’re Often in a Bad Mood

Maybe little things are getting to you lately and you find you’re often in a bad mood for no particular reason—this shift can be a sign that you’re on the verge of burnout. Exhausted minds and bodies are susceptible to sour moods and have trouble bouncing back from small setbacks. If you’re training hard and often and find that you’re a bit down or short-tempered, you might need to take a few days off from working out.

8 Other Signs You’re on the Verge of Workout Burnout