Shwood Turns Old Slugger Bats into Sunglasses

A look at the handcrafted limited edition shades

A field of freshly cut grass, bright white bases and a hard-packed pitcher’s mound are home to classic childhood memories. Whether it was hours spent out on the makeshift field or watching the pros with dad, America’s favorite pastime has a way of creating lasting memories. The distinct sound of cracking bats brings it all back, and now those broken Sluggers are being put to good use.

The company famous for their classic wooden eyewear, Shwood has teamed up with the Official Bat of Major League Baseball Louisville Slugger to repurpose old, cracked and broken Slugger bats into sleek sunglasses.

This limited edition collection launched on MLB’s Opening Day and includes two of Shwood’s most popular styles, the Canby and the Haystack.

Each style comes in two options, the “classic,” which is pictured above and the “select.” The classic comes with a pouch and a trading card and costs $250. The select styles come with a wooden display box, branded half display bat, leather sunglass case branded with the Slugger logo and a trading card. The selects go for $495.

The wood originally came from forests in New York, was turned into bats in Louisville, Ky., and is now being made into sunglasses in Portland, Ore. Each pair is crafted, sanded and finished by hand and then passed along to the founder of the company, Eric Singer, for inspection and approval.

The price tag is certainly steep, but it’s not hard to see why. The finish is outstanding in look and texture, construction and detailing is careful and exact but the glasses maintain a custom feel. Polarized lenses, branding on the sides and certificates of authenticity come with each pair.

The rugged look and feel seems to yield a tough frame, but due to the price, these are not your best bet for a whitewater rafting trip. They come with a one year warranty and after the warranty is up, they say they will fix glasses for a reasonable charge. If you have the cash to shell out for these one-of-a-kind shades and you’re a big fan of baseball, these are right up your alley.

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