Shoulder Season Essentials: Your Spring Camping Checklist

13 picks to keep you warm, dry and ready to rock the trails come spring

The days are slowly and surely getting longer, and all that extra sunlight is getting us at Active Junky pumped for spring camping season.

March to May really could be our favorite time of the year to hit the trails and sleep under the stars. The crowds and stifling hot days of summer are still months away, the waterways are flush from snowmelt and the adventures for the coming months seem endless.

But shoulder season also means that conditions change quickly and can catch you off guard. A late-season snowstorm or sudden heat wave can throw off the best-laid plans in a few short hours and not only leave you uncomfortable, but possibly exposed to the elements.

Whether headed to a campsite or hiking into the wilderness, make use of our checklist of essentials to ensure a great time in the unpredictable spring wilderness.

Click here to see our checklist of 13 spring camping essentials.

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