Sharp Gear: Baladéo G-Series

Staff Writer
A refined, super lightweight blade from France

French company Baladéo makes some of the world's lightest blades in its G-Series—named for how many grams each weighs—ranging from 15 grams (0.5 ounces) on up to 37 grams (1.3 ounces). A skeletal version of a French Laguiole knife, each is razor-thin and has an elegant, singular design that comes in a wide array of colors, from a smart black to a rustic wood-handled version to a slightly wild yet still refined pink. The G-Series knives are light but tough, made of food-grade 420 stainless steel. This year, the company has introduced a limited edition (300 total) red Conrad Anker version of the knife. It's engraved with Anker's signature and motto: "be good be kind be happy." Proceeds benefit the Khumbu Climbing School in Nepal, founded by Anker and his wife to train young Sherpas climbing techniques and the dangers of mountaineering.

€35 (approx. $45 USD at press time);