New Shark Bike Saddle Design is Making Waves

Essax says new saddle is the “necessary evolution”

Evolution is the gradual development of a thing, living or not. Considering the definition, it seems a strange word to use in conjunction with the Shark saddle. This bike saddle is making waves for its progressive and strange design, but the company insists the Shark is the “necessary evolution of the saddle.”

The company behind the Shark saddle, Essax has been specializing in saddle manufacturing for more than 25 years. The Spanish firm typically makes more traditional looking saddles, but saw the need for a design that would help align the rider properly. The fin was the answer.

This is the key to this whole Bike Fitters ensemble. Its position indicates the rider how to place his sit bones so that they are well supported in the seat. It interacts with the user giving information how to be seated on the saddle. In the hundreds of biomechanical studies for the development of this product, the result of them told us that the vast majority of riders had sensory perception being well positioned on their saddle as where reality showed they were rotated or only supported one of the two Ischia.

They admit that the sight of it might scare people at first, but say that when the rider is well positioned, the fin is imperceptible. The fin acts as a guide, letting the rider know when they are misaligned. If the rider can feel the fin, they know they need to adjust.

According to Essax, the prototype of the Shark is currently under review by the International Cycling Union deciding whether or not the saddle will be allowed in competition. Essax is optimistic about the benefits of this new age saddle.

What was meant to be a therapeutic solution for the convenience of thousands of cyclists has become an element that can allow higher bike performance, because of the better stability to the hip the transmission of force to the pedals is much more efficient thereby achieving higher performance.

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