Better Sex, Healthier Teeth, Clearer Skin: 12 Surprise Benefits of Exercise

Working out can do all that—even re-boot your genes

We all know that exercise does more than just tone your muscles, help you maintain a healthy weight and make your heart stronger. It also helps you sleep better, gives you more energy and improves mood. [slideshow:710]

But there are also some benefits of exercise you probably haven't considered. You wouldn't think a workout can boost your brain power or help clear skin blemishes—but it does.

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Want more?  New advances in molecular biology have allowed scientists to discover how exercise affects your DNA and changes your brain chemistry. Regular exercise also helps curb inflammation, which can prevent and reduce some types of pain. That post-workout high suppresses the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, and it’s also great for combating everyday stress.

Just note that when we say exercise, we mean anything that gets you off the couch and moving for at least 30 minutes at moderate to vigorous intensity. Walking around the neighborhood or taking a jog in the park is exercise enough to see improvements throughout your body, from your teeth to your sex life.

We’re big proponents of getting moving and keeping fit, so we’ve put together a list of some surprising bonus benefits of exercise. Think of these as positive side effects with plenty of plenty of scientific evidence to back them up. Almost without fail, studies that compare people with sedentary lifestyles to their more active counterparts find the active groups to be healthier, no matter what bodily effect is being studied.

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