Selfies on Your Sneakers?

New app by Adidas will print your Instagram pictures on your sneakers

Just in case you need another outlet for sharing your Instagram photos (because sending them to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr obviously isn’t enough exposure), Adidas will soon release its new “miadidas” app so that you can print your favorite filtered snapshots on your sneakers.

OK well not just any pair of sneakers, your Adidas ZXFlux sneakers. (You didn’t really think they would customize your Nike’s for you, did you?)

Adidas says that the app is scheduled to be released next month and that it will print new patterns on their ZX Flux shoes based on users’ Instagram photos.

According to an Adidas promo on Instagram, “the possibilities are limitless” and you’ll “make a statement on your sneakers like never before.”

Let’s just hope that statement doesn’t involve the use of selfies. Because strolling around with a photo of your face (that you took yourself) on your sneakers would be like, Kanye-level narcissism. Otherwise, we think this could be a cool new innovation for the future of activewear design.

Personally, my #miadidas sneaks would probably feature a design made of pizza and bagels.

What would yours feature? Would you use this app to create a personalized sneaker pattern?

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