San Diego Approves New 20-Year Biking Master Plan

Proposes doubling bike lanes, safer riding
Courtesy: San Diego City Council

Cyclists in San Diego

San Diego has approved plans to more than double the city's bike lanes over the next 20 years.

Its City Council approved an update to its 2002 Bicycle Master Plan Dec 9 that lays out a $312 million blueprint for cycling in the city for the next two decades. As well as adding 878 miles of proposed bike lanes and bike routes throughout San Diego County to the 500 miles now existing, the new plan includes provisions to promote bicycling as transportation and to make it safer with increased bicycle parking, improved bicycle signage and bicycle safety courses. 

Currently, fewer than 1% of San Diego's residents commute to work by bike. The city has a fatal collision rate for cyclists that is twice the national average.

The plan is, however, unfunded. Only four percent of the projects of the previous bicycle plan were completed, Bruce Shank of Bike SD, a local advocacy group, told local TV station Fox 5 San Diego. "We want to see changes introduced that will make sure they do more of what they say they’re going to do in the plan,” he said.


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