#10 Norway from Safest Countries

Safest Countries

#10 Norway

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Safe roads like most Scandinavian countries and generally low levels of crime overall, but terrorism concerns weigh on the country's overall score.

#9 New Zealand


Good policing, and low overall crime levels, but watch for bad drivers, possibly dodging all those sheep.

#8 Sweden


Strong drunk-driving laws keep roads relatively safe but Sweden scores the second worst record on overall crime levels after Netherlands, among our top 10 safest countries.

#7 Austria


Top 20 for overall crime, police reliability and road safety; a low level of concern about terrorism.

#6 Netherlands


Highest level of overall crime among our top 10 safest countries and there’s some concern about terrorism, but the country scores high for the reliability of police and good road safety. 

#5 Singapore


Reliable police and safe roads, while heavy anti-crime and anti-terrorism policing keep crime low, particularly homicide, assault and robbery.

#4 Iceland


Top 10 for overall low levels of crime, particularly robbery, and police reliability, but the second worst road safety record among our 10 safest countries.

#3 Hong Kong

Another top 10 country for overall low crime levels, and the world's safest roads as there aren't many lengthy roads that would allow top speed.

#2 Switzerland

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One of the world's 10 safest countries for overall crime levels, particularly for assault, reliable police, and a country of safe drivers.

#1 Finland


Overall crime levels are among the three lowest in the world, and if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim, you will be dealing the world's most reliable police.