Running Shoe Basics: The Chart

Staff Writer
REI's new infographic offers easy-to-get shoe beta

Gear selection isn't always easy to figure out, even for the least gear-heavy sports, like running. All you really need, aside from a body with functioning legs, is a pair of running shoes, right?  (Not even shorts are mandatory.  The resident Forrest Gump in my hometown was a doctor who could be seen padding over every local backroad in dusty Brooks and jeans). But there are, in fact,  plenty of considerations. Do you have high arches? Over pronate or under pronate? Will you run on roads or trails? And what's the 100-meter world record (you know, just in case...)?

REI has assembled all of that info into a simple, easy-to-read infographic. Check it out:

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Click here for the original REI running shoe infographic.