Running and Nutrition Tips From the Experts

A Q&A with trainer Rob and nutritionist Emma

Paula—Rob, our SeaWheeze TackleBox trainer and Emma, our expert nutrition partner at Vega, took over our social channels for a one-hour live Q & A.  We’ve compiled some of the most valuable questions to help you tackle the SeaWheeze half marathon…3 weeks and counting!

Tips From Our Experts

Q: Hey Rob - I'm struggling to stop/reduce some shin splints that are beginning in my left lower inner calf - I haven't had shin splints before, any tips for stretches or things to do while I run? – Marena
A: Marena, some quick wins would be to change your runners. Another would be to stretch and roll your calves before and after your run. I would also make sure that before your run, you do a very thorough, dynamic warm up. There just happens to be a good one right here. – Rob

Q: How many days before a half marathon do you recommend carb loading? Do you even recommend it at all for just a half? – Alexa
A: The lunch before the race is a crucial meal to get your carb load in so that you still have time to digest it completely. If you have room to eat carb heavy but a smaller portion at dinner, then that works great too! – Emma

Q: I’m never too sure what to eat race day. What’s a good pre-race vegan breakfast? And how much time before the race is good to eat? Thanks – Monica
A: Good vegan breakfasts – We love using gluten-free porridges with berries and almond butter. You could also try a power shake with a plant-based protein (10-15g), banana or frozen mango and extra greens if you like! Consume your last meal 1-2 hours before your run and of course, don’t forget to hydrate. – Emma

Q: Hi Rob, my feet are looking gross from the training runs (ie. Blisters) but I love my low-support shoes… Does that mean they are too small? Or am I still breaking them in? Or wrong socks? I'm reluctant to break in a new pair so close to the race... does skin tape help? Also, why are you so darn good looking - what's your secret? – Carlson
A: Blisters - did you get them when you wore a more supportive shoe? How old are they? What type of socks are you using? Cotton or technical? You have time to buy new runners because of the fact that they are minimal-style shoes. I've never used skin tape...does anyone else have input for Carlson? In regards to my stunning good looks, I'd like to think that yoga, running and having great people around me keep me looking fresh *wink* - Rob

Q: Is chocolate milk really the post-run wonder-drink that the ads make them out to be? – Conner
A: Great question! Ideally right after a run, high carbo intake (which chocolate milk has) of either food or drink is good but dairy can be hard to digest. If you want to avoid the dairy you could try a glass of chocolate almond milk! – Emma

Q: Hey Rob, I find that there is a lot of stress on my knees for longer runs, any suggestions on exercises to help strengthen the knees or ways to reduce this stress? Thanks! – Fatima
A: Hey Fatima, great question. Sounds like a little overuse - stretching the quads and rolling them using a foam roller could be a quick win. A little rest could also be all you need. If I were to dig a little deeper, I’d suggest to get a physio to look at your running form as it may be a simple correction of how you run. Let me know how it goes! – Rob
A: Hey Fatima! Natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric & ginger can also support and glucosamine can help nourish soft tissue like joints, ligaments and tendons. –Emma