A Runner's Ultimate Guide (Infographic)

A handy visual reference for common questions about the sport
Staff Writer

The worldwide popularity of running is undeniable—and growing. The simplicity of the sport guarantees that anyone can do it—from a middle-aged woman in suburbia to a child in rural Kenya. 

But when it comes to training and competing, there is still a lot to learn. Greatist created the infographic below, and it's full of practical information, as well as fascinating facts about the sport, how people train and events around the world.

The visual will gives tips on what to eat, how to avoid injury and how to warm up and cool down. It demonstrates the types of bodies elite athletes have in the three different types of running events—sprinting, mid-distance and long distance—as well as provides recommendations on how you can train to excel in these areas.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been running for years, you’ll learn at least a few new facts.

Via Greatist.

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