Runners Catch Jewelry Thief

Irish athletes reap unexpected benefit of marathon and triathlon training
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Irish Independent

It was just another day for salesman Stephen Ralph and third-generation jeweler Bryan McCrystal in Baldwin Jewelers in Dublin.

That is, until a customer-turned-thief ran out the door with a gold bracelet worth almost $1,300.

Ralph had been helping the man sort through options when suddenly the thief lifted the bracelet, said “thank you” and ran off.  

At this point, we're sure that the thief was elated. He had an expensive bracelet! He was getting away! But then he probably noticed the store employees running after him… and they were surprisingly fast.

You see, not only are McCrystal and Baldwin jewelers, they are also runners–and not just the kind that take occasional weekend jogs.

McCrystal is a former professional football player-turned-professional triathlete and Ralph was training for the September Dublin Marathon. Unsurprisingly, they caught the thief within 200 meters.

"He picked the wrong shop to rob," Ralph said in an interview with the Irish Independent.

Via Runner’s World, Irish Times and Irish Independent.

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