Run Right: Gear up for the Cold

How to outfit to make the most of your run in the autumn chill

The quick tip this week comes from Paul Spangler, assistant coach for track and field and cross country at the University of Florida. Spangler was the 2009 Big South Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Year. Prior to his arrival at the balmy University of Florida, Spangler coached at the Virginia Military Institute, which is surrounded by the snow-prone Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains. There, he tutored 70 All-Big South performers and helped the track and cross country teams break 21 distance records.


Spangler recommends three pieces of gear to make your cold weather runs more comfortable.

1. Arm warmers

"I prefer arm warmers over running jackets, provided it’s not too cold. With arm warmers, if you get too warm, you simply take them off and stuff them in your shorts or running tights. In addition, they allow for more freedom when running. They're great to use during workouts when you’re running fast."

2. A running vest

"This will help keep your core warm, plus they are not as restrictive as a jacket. Add a pair of arm warmers with a short sleeve shirt and you’re ready for your next tempo run."

3. Sunglasses


"If it’s cold and windy, a nice pair of running glasses can make all the difference in both your comfort and being able to see the road or path you’re on."