Best Trail Running Towns in the U.S.

These are some of the best places to test your running limits


Running has many undisputed health benefits, but running on a treadmill gets very boring very quickly and pounding the pavement outside in the streets can end up having negative consequences.[slideshow:85728]

Swapping out the hard asphalt for softer ground can benefit your legs and knees very much; it’s easier on them. Reduce the amount of shock on your joints, muscles and bones and you won’t get tired very soon, which may be a sign your workouts are ineffective.

Some cities are friendlier than others when it comes to fitness and general well-being.

Santa Fe, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorado have repeatedly been ranked very high when it comes to trail running. Others, such as Branson, Missouri and New York City may surprise you. But they have many trails, totaling hundreds of miles, offering inspiring views of the city and its surrounding nature.

From California to Maine, the following list includes some of the best towns for trail runners. They were chosen based on reviews on Trail Runner, Active, Outside Online, and Competitor.

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