Winter Running: This App Will Cure Your Treadmill Dread — Stat

As you transition some of your workouts indoors, beat treadmill boredom with this engaging app

Saying goodbye to summer means most runners will soon be trading in their sport sunglasses and water bottle belts for more time spent on what many refer to as the “dreadmill.”  

Of course, running outside on real pavement and amidst sunny scenery is much preferred to indoor workouts performed on a machine. But your treadmill workouts don’t have to feel like eye-gouging torture — and especially if you hook yourself up with RunSocial.

This app — which, ahem, is used by ultra-marathoner, Dean Karnazes — was designed to help cure winter running boredom so that when you have no other choice but to take your workout to the treadmill, the experience will be entirely more enjoyable.

How It Works
RunSocial features a virtual reality-esque function that blends HD real-world video, 3D virtual world capabilities and social connectivity. Essentially, it creates visualizations that allow you to  virtually run almost anywhere in the world.


Visualize running down this road in Bali. (Photo Credit: RunSocial)

Designed specifically for devices with larger screens (like your iPad), the app lets you visualize an outdoor run (in places like Italy, the Swiss Alps and Sequoia National Forest, just to name a few of the mind-blowingly beautiful locations you can choose from) while you log miles on the treadmill. Plus, for even more motivation you can “run with your friends” in real time and share your goals and accomplishments within the RunSocial community and beyond.

A Few More Cool Features:
• In addition to “running with friends,” you can participate in public events, like the London Marathon. 
• RunSocial’s TreadTracker tool allows you to digitally track your treadmill miles accurately and in real-time.


Imagine what it's like to run through the Swiss Alps. (Photo Credit: RunSocial)

The app is free in the iTunes App Store, but downloading additional running locations costs extra (anywhere from about $2.50 to $6.99.)

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