This is How Much People Saved Buying Running Shoes Online

Runners can save more than a third of the sneakers' original price if they shop online

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A recent study conducted by analyzed 183,911 prices of running shoes. The price tags of each brand and retailer were compared as well.

It may not come as a surprise that people saved money by shopping online, but they actually bought them for $46 cheaper, on average. That’s 38 percent of their value.  

The key findings are:

1. Save 38.14 percent ($46.19) buying running shoes online on average

2. Save another 19.36 percent ($14.50) buying last year’s version on average

3. 86 percent of all running shoes are available at a discounted price online

4. 56 percent of all running shoes are available at 30 to 69 percent discount online

5. Best savings: Scott (62 percent), Reebok (53 percent) and Skechers (53 percent)

6. Worst savings: Vibram FiveFingers (15 percent) and Topo Athletic (15 percent)

7. Nike, Brooks, Asics and Adidas are discounted from 31 percent to 40 percent

8. Multisport brands are discounted 12.95 percent more than running specific brands

9. The more arch support you request, the more expensive the running shoe is

10. Competition shoes are 17.01 percent ($13.22) cheaper than every day running shoes

11. The worse the reviews of a running shoe, the higher the discount

12. Running shoes are $5.60 more expensive for every ounce heavier it is

13. Best savings: Sierra Trading Post (41 percent), Amazon (34 percent) and Shoebacca (30 percent)

14. Worst savings: Road Runner (1 percent), Denali Outdoor (1 percent) and Zappos (4 percent)

15. Greatest selection: Amazon (2,479), Road Runner (1,320) and Zappos (915)

The study is based on 183,911 prices across three days. A total of 2,436 unique running shoes were included across 36 running shoe brands from 41 retailers in the U.S. This covers more than 99.99 percent of the total market, according to Jens Jakob Andersen, founder of

There seems to be a clear pattern that the most exclusive running shoes in the price range of $140+ are less discounted in percentage measurements than any of the other prices categories. In absolute terms you will save most buying premium running shoes, but in relative terms the bargains are largest on none-premium running shoes.


The bottom line is that if you want to save more, you should consider buying online. Running shoe brands ensure high retail prices through cartel-alike price structures. Their contracts ensure that brick and mortar stores keep prices at the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP). If a store does not obey the dictating brands, they will shut down the partnership. Luckily to the consumer, prices on the internet are a bit harder to control.


The 4 dominating brands (NikeBrooksAsics and Adidas) are discounted from 31-40% on average buy buying them online. It’s surprising that brands are known for the cartel-alike price models in brick and mortar, but that they cannot control the prices online very well. Further, the 18 most popular brands are on average discounted 39.36 percent, which is a 25.99 percent higher average discount than the bottom 18 brands, which are discounted on average 31.24 percent.

Source: has previously illustrated that cheap running shoes get better reviews. Now they looked at the discounts for different rated shoes. Based on more than 130,000 user ratings, there is a clear pattern than disliked running shoes are more discounted than well-liked ones.

The rating scale goes from 1 to 5 with intervals of 0.1. It starts at 3.7 of 5, and for every 0.5 better user rating, the shoe will be discounted around 5 percent less. Running shoes with a user rating above 4.8 are discounted around 26 percent, while running shoes with a user rating below 3.9 are discounted around 45 percent.


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