The Best Winter Running Gear

Enjoying winter running is all about dressing right


Once the cold weather strikes, many people tend to avoid running outside. They may hit the gym or workout at home instead. But the truth is that winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and running during this season is an experience like no other. It offers spectacular views, incredible scenery, and peaceful landscapes.[slideshow:98222]

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Enjoying winter running is all about dressing right. The right gear, accessories, and proper layering can make all the difference. You need a thermal beanie or headband to keep your head and ears warm, gloves to protect your hands, and a base layer, mid-layer, and a jacket to protect you against the wind. Leggings, socks and the right running shoes are also extremely important.

Keep yourself warm and dry this season. Enjoy the outdoors, stay in shape, rev up your metabolism, and prevent winter weight gain. Don’t let the chilly temperature outside stand in your way.


The Best Winter Running Gear


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