Best Sneakers for Heavy Runners

Picking the right running shoe can be the difference between getting healthy and getting injured

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Running puts an average of 1.5 to 3 times your body weight of shock on the joints, according to Harvard University. Imagine the pressure and the impact over time since you strike the ground almost 1,000 times per mile. This makes the running shoes your best or worst friend.

“The key for heavy runners is really the same as with lighter runners - it all starts with the fitting process and finding the right type of shoe for your foot,” Steven Crnic from The Brooklyn Running Co. says. “It's tremendously important to get your feet looked at and your gait analyzed so that you're able to avoid the many pitfalls that come with incorrect footwear.”[slideshow:83046]

After the category has been established, then it’s time to consider the type of running you’ll be doing, your injury history and how much cushioning you may need.

“With a heavier runner, generally you're probably going to want a little more shoe to help absorb some of the impact,” Crnic adds. “But, then again, there are circumstances where heavier runners still have very efficient form, more shoe really might not be the answer and could even be detrimental to them.”

That's why all runners, he adds, should check out their local store to get a comprehensive fitting with every shoe cycle they go through, as people's feet and stride change and adapt with their training and things change over time.

It’s important to analyze the foot-strike pattern. “Part of our analysis is looking at past shoes of the runner, whether it's a casual shoe that they wear regularly or a past running shoe,” Crnic says. “Either way, we're able to identify the wear patterns on the soles and make good judgement about what their foot is doing with the shoe when they move.

Cushioning, support, pronation, which is the tendency for the foot to roll inward as you run, and whether you run long distances are all important factors to consider when picking the right sneakers.

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