The Best Running Gear for All Levels



The importance of picking the right running gear cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are a more advanced runner or just beginning, choosing the correct gear is just as important.

Believe it or not, having the proper workout attire is just as important as wearing the right running shoes. Your running shoes must be cushioned and stable; your headphones should be more advanced, and your clothing should fit comfortably. *Tip: Stay away from cotton (socks especially). Your skin is likely to chafe, leading to an uncomfortable run and damaged skin.[slideshow:82187]

Today, our technology is much more advanced. We have the luxury of purchasing gear that helps us keep track of our workouts. Fitness trackers are so incredible that you can track your heart rate, steps, body temperature, sleep patterns and even your blood sugar. Try the Forerunner® 630 by GARMIN, it keeps track of your stride length and your ground contact time balance.

Are you a night runner? Then you know the importance of wearing reflective clothing. If you are just beginning, make sure you are wearing clothing with reflective patches or flashing lights. Try the Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights, attach them to your shoe laces and watch the path light up right in front of you!

Advance your technology, purchase the correct clothing and enjoy your run. Here is The Best Running Gear for All Levels.


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