Your Complete Guide to the World's Greatest Marathons [Infographic]

A close look at a few of worlds top 26.2-mile road races


Running a marathon is increasingly becoming a life goal for many, with one in every thousand people now expected to undertake the challenge in their lifetimes. With 42.195 km (26.2 miles) of open road to traverse, marathons can be a great way of seeing a city as never before and will take runners past some of the locale’s most spectacular sights.

In a recent infographic created by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, five of the world’s greatest running races including the New York, Chicago, Paris, London and Boston Marathons are featured and compared.

As well as outlining a map of the route itself, the infographic highlights specific milestones along the road. It also looks into the history behind the marathon, random facts and useful tips from running experts who have completed the marathon themselves. It also provides a number of practical information including weather conditions and estimated number of on-course spectators as well as information of when the event takes place.

(Image Courtest of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts)

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