These Cities Have the World's Fastest Runners

A look at the cities whose runners are clocking in with the fastest times


Have you ever wondered how you compare to other runners in your city? While many runners are in it just for the fun of it, running can also be a pretty competitive endeavor.  

If even on your everyday runs, you find yourself picking up the pace to catch the guy just ahead of you, or pushing just a bit harder to make sure that girl in the corner of your eye won’t pass you, then we bet you’d be interested to see how you measure up against the average pace of your city.

Up until recently, determining the average pace of runners in a given city might not have been entirely possible. But of course now, more and more runners are tracking their activities and the heaps of data being produced and stored are opening our eyes to more and more insights.

In particular, the activity tracking app Strava recently released a new tool called “Strava Insights,” which highlights stats from 30 million activities uploaded over the past year in 12 major cities around the world.

The interactive widget shows everything from when and where people run to the distances they’re logging and how fast they’re covering those miles.

For example, with 30 percent of runners logging their workouts from 5 to 8 a.m., Sydney came out on top as the city with the most early bird exercisers. On the other hand, Barcelona has the most night owls with 14 percent of runners hitting the road between 8 and 11 p.m.

The most interesting findings from the stats, though, show which city’s runners are clocking in with the fastest finish times.

It's by no means a definitieve list, but here’s a look at the top 10 fastest cities based on their Strava users’ average pace. 

#10 San Francisco


Average Pace:

Average Distance: 5 miles
Activities Logged: 1,335,048

Source: Strava Insights

#9 Barcelona


Average Pace

Average Distance: 5.9 miles
Activities Logged: 548,066

Source: Strava Insights

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