The World’s Most Popular Marathons

There are many reasons to run a marathon at least once in your life; and these are some of the best


What makes a marathon worth running? Other than the chance to challenge both your physical and mental limits and to prove to yourself that with hard work and determination you can achieve just about anything?[slideshow:101940]

For starters, a great course with scenic views certainly adds value to an event. And when that course is lined with hordes of enthusiastic fans cheering you on, well that’s definitely a big plus, too.

Some of the reasons to the run a marathon include: You’re getting fit and healthy while training; you gain a lot of confidence that you can do the impossible; you may be an inspiration to others; you’re making new friends; you travel; and you get to explore cities in a way few people, even locals, do. researched the world’s most popular marathons, creating a full list of must-do events for your next challenge.

Some of the top runs listed include the New York City Marathon, which had a massive 51,388 runners in 2016, despite the majority being entered into a ballot upon applying; Ottawa Race Weekend, Canada’s best foot-race offering; and the Athens Classic Marathon. In many senses, it is the longest-running marathon in the world—since the original Marathon was during the Athenian-Persian Battle of Marathon.

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