Tips for Running in Cooler Weather

Days are shorter and temperatures are lower. Some people can use this as the perfect excuse to stay home, which would be a mistake. Don’t consider going back to the gym or running in place either, if jogging outside suddenly feels like a chore.[slideshow:89624]

Research has shown that people who run on treadmills burn less energy than those who run the same distance but outside, mostly because there is no wind resistance and changes in terrain.

The good news for the people who would prefer not to be outside in cooler weather but still want to get healthy is, according to a recent study, that you actually need shockingly low number of miles under your belt a week to reach that goal. Less than a mile a day – for a total of six in seven days – will do.

“All weather is good weather for running,” the high school running coach of Matt Wilpers, who is now a running and fitness coach, used to say. Wilpers adds that the key is to be prepared.

“As the weather gets cooler, being prepared takes more planning than on those warmer days when it seems that you can just wake up, walk out the door, and start running,” he says.

Wilpers suggests several useful tips to help you plan, so that you can continue to enjoy your runs.

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