Tips From the Pros on How to Prepare for Your First Marathon


Your first marathon brings a lot of excitement; you’re eager to challenge yourself, take on your race and get moving. However, before you go flying out of the gates, you must properly prepare.

First things first, enter early. “Something happens when you make a commitment, your energy and focus soars, optimizing the likelihood of you being at your best come the big day,” Brad Beer, Champion Triathlete, physiotherapist and Founder of POGO Physio, says. “Leaving entry till later diminishes the 'pull power' available to help you with your training when you enter early.”

In order to properly prepare for the big day, you must train. Be consistent, don’t over train and give yourself as many weeks preparation as possible. Make sure that you have a training program that includes rest and recovery, Andre Obradovic, triathlete, marathoner, and USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, says. “Running 3-4 times a week is plenty and we need to have recovery days in between where we do not exercise.”


Tips From the Pros on How to Prepare for Your First Marathon


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