Self-Defense Moves That Can Be Life-Saving While Out Jogging

It never hurts to be prepared


Warmer months are already here. Many runners will find themselves trading in their afternoon run for a nighttime escape. As peaceful and tranquil as this sounds, it is also important to understand the dangers of running once the sun goes down. Becoming the victim of a physical attack is a realistic possibility of which all joggers should be aware.[slideshow:100252]

Once an attacker controls your body he or she can lift you and carry you away into a van, to a place where other people can’t see what’s going on, or to a place where friends are waiting to gang up. They can lift you and slam you to the ground, or they can drag you around in similar fashion.

“The best way to make sure you’re prepared in self-defense is training,” Ross Cascio, an instructor at Krav Maga Worldwide training center, says. “If you know how to punch and kick effectively, you’re going to be much safer.”

If you have to run at night, always have running mates or run at places with lots of lights and people, Cascio says. Don’t go to parks after they have closed and are empty. And tell somebody about the routes and trails you’re taking in case he or she has to look for you.

“Also, try not to run with headphones on, or at least have just one on and [make sure] the music isn’t too loud so you can hear your surroundings, such as when someone drives by and gets out of the car to grab you,” Cascio adds.

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