The Most Fun Haunted Runs This Halloween

Show off your Halloween spirit and get fit at the same time

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Whether you’ve constantly got your sights set on a shiny new personal record or you’re a recreational runner in it mostly for fun, no doubt you’ll disagree that fall is, quite possibly, the best time of year for running.[slideshow:102726]

Not only do crisp, cool temperatures and gentle breezes make for the perfect running conditions, but during this time of year festive, Halloween-themed fun runs begin popping up all across the country.

Is there a better way to celebrate the season than with a festive fun run? A great part of it all is that with so many events to choose from runners of all abilities and ages can join in on the Halloween race scene.

From dodging brain-hungry zombies and dashing through spooky courses lined with menacing monsters, to hauling pumpkins and completing half marathons in full costume, you won’t have to search too hard to find a way to join in on the fun.

Some of the best theme races in the country include everything from seriously spooky obstacle courses to family-friendly fun runs. So whether you’re in for a fast-paced fright or simply want to show off your stylish costume, you’re sure to find a race that will make all of your Halloween dreams (or nightmares) come true.

Click here to see 12 of the most fun haunted runs in the U.S.

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