9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Marathon Runners

Can you keep up with these celebrities?

We see them in pictures, in magazines, on television and all over the internet. Their glowing skin, athletic bodies and confidence is portrayed constantly. But the truth is that celebrities are more like us than we think. They, too, have to work out and stick with a nutritious diet to stay healthy and get in shape. One of the ways they do it – marathon running.[slideshow:90397]

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Whether they are running for a charity or challenging themselves for the best time, celebrities lace up their shoes just like we do; they train for months and then head out to conquer intense marathons.

From movie stars to famous athletes, reality television personalities, entrepreneurs and Grammy-winning superstars, the celebs on this list may surprise you.

You might not see them at your local gym, but you may find them on the track. Here are a few celebrities that you didn’t know were marathon runners.


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Marathon Runners


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