The Best Endurance Events to Do in 2016

Do you think you can survive?

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If you have the time, taking on 100-mile ultramarathons and double Ironman-distance triathlons will put you in the prestigious category of a strong and brave superhuman. Regular mortals who don’t have too much spare time lean towards other tough endurance events to test their limits.

Whether it’s biking, trail running, swimming, marathon running – or all of them together – the race is brutal and finishing it alone should warrant a medal.[slideshow:82812]

You may have given up on your New Year’s resolutions to get in shape by now, but registering to participate on some of these fierce competitions will leave you with no choice but to start training.

The competitive drive of some athletes has led to the created on some really grueling strength events. Sometimes the altitude alone is a huge cause for concern. Remoteness, terrain, distance and unpredictable weather only make the competitions tougher.

Participating may or may not bring you glory, but it will certainly make you tougher, happier and more confident. You’ll have completed what you thought a few months ago to be impossible. Bragging rights, at the very least, will be yours for a long time.

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