Best Adventure Races This Summer

Do you think you can finish any of these competitions?

Is it time for marathons, half-marathons, Tour de France and CrossFit competitions to move over and make room for a more evolved kind of race?

Maybe not just yet, but the sport of Adventure Racing has been growing fast, according to the U.S. Adventure Racing Association (USARA).[slideshow:84736]

Whether it’s because just completing the event is considered a victory, because participants have to handle unusual obstacles, or because if they don’t work as a team they won't succeed, the sport has attracted elite and amateur runners, cyclists and swimmers alike.

The adventure races in the following list, in random order, have been selected based on reviews on, the skill level required to compete, the variety of obstacles in each event, and duration.  

Click here to see some of the best adventure races you can do this summer

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