9 of the Best Running Strollers

9 of the Best Running Strollers

9 of the Best Running Strollers

Ask any parent who’s entered the ranks of stroller-running and they'll agree: there are quite a few different factors to consider when it comes to finding and choosing a stroller that’s right for you.

According to Lena Filatova, creator of WalkingMama.com, when you’re shopping for a running stroller you should consider both sports performance a real life usage. You want a stroller that performs well while you’re running and that translates well to everyday use, too.

When it comes to sport performance, Filatova recommends first considering how the stroller rides. “An aluminum frame and large air-filled wheels are the things that ensure a good, easy ride,” she explained. “An adjustable or high-enough handle bar increases your performance as a runner, as it can be adjusted to suit your height.”

And some other factors she suggests taking into account include the stroller’s alignment (strollers that don’t pull to the left or right are best, she said); durability (the less plastic the better); the stroller’s ability to handle off-road terrain; safety (look for: a hand brake, wrist tether, quick and firm parking brakes, a five-point harnesses and reflection tape, Filatova said); and style (“a sporty look is truly an inspiration,” Filatova added. “The best jogging strollers look hot, sleek and ready for action!”).

Then there’s the everyday use factor. Filatova recommends strollers that are easy to use and easy to fold, have extra storage, provide comfort for your child and that are made with quality fabrics, just to name a few factors you should also take into account.

You should also know that jogging strollers usually come with a fixed front wheel or a swivel front wheel. Filatova recommends fixed wheels for running, but as Michele Gonzalez, creator of NYC Running Mama, points out, a fixed front wheel makes turning the stroller slightly more challenging and less practical for everyday use. Ultimately, a decision on this feature will come down to your personal preference.

Of course, given the wide variety of running strollers available, there are several other factors you may want to consider, but  now that you’ve got a basic understanding of some of the most important elements, here’s a look at some of the best joggers on the market, as recommended by Filatova, Meg Collins, creator of Lucie’s List, and Baby Gear Lab.

BOB Ironman

“[BOB] Ironman is an excellent, well-made jogger with every possible extra for a smooth ride and a child’s comfort,”Filatova said. However, she warns, parents should take into account that the seat is smaller than average and the handlebar isn’t adjustable. Overall, though, most running parents rate this stroller highly for its exceptional quality and durability, its lightweight structure, its easy set-up and storage features and ultimately a smooth ride.
Front Wheel: Fixed
Price: $336.00

Thule Urban Glide

A newcomer to the running stroller market, the experts at Baby Gear Lab feel there’s currently no better option than the Thule Urban Glide. Some of its notable features include a swivel wheel that can also be adjusted to lock in place, a lightweight frame, a covered storage area, a good-quality canopy and its ability to fold easily. “It is a great performing product that did well in all our tests,” the Baby Gear Lab experts said. “If that isn't enough it offers great quality for a reasonable and competitive price. We think everyone will love the Thule Urban Glide.”
Front Wheel: Swivel with ability to lock straight
Price: $399.95

Instep/Schwinn Arrow

“This is right for joggers who need high performance with a functional stroller, but who don’t want to break the bank,” Filatova said. She especially recommends it for parents who are just breaking into the running stroller scene. “It’s a great stroller for the money,” Filatova added. “It has everything you need for an uncompromising run, your baby’s comfort and for everyday life.”
Front Wheel: Fixed
Price: $171.56

Thule Glide

“This fixed-wheel stroller is a nice jogging style stroller that has a lot to offer the dedicated runner and their passenger,” the experts at Baby Gear Lab explained. “With better than average scores for run-ability and maneuverability this stroller is a breeze to run with and a snap to fold.” The Thule Glide won extra points for excellent rear wheel suspension, adjustable tracking and a large canopy. The only noticeable downsides are its longer than average length and larger than average fold size.
Front Wheel: Swivel with ability to lock straight
Price: $349.95

Schwinn Turismo

“The Schwinn Turismo has many of the features of more expensive jogging strollers (namely, BOB), but for a lower price and with surprisingly few complaints,” Collins said. She did note, though, running parents shouldn’t expect it to last as long as some of the higher quality strollers. After all, you get what you pay for. But the upside is, for a reasonable price, the Turismo is tricked out with tons of practical features like an easy-to-access lockable front swivel wheel, lots of parent tray storage, and an adjustable handlebar.
Front Wheel: Swivel with ability to lock straight
Price: $214.99

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

“If you are looking for something better than a Schwinn or Baby Trend jogging stroller but don’t have the money for a BOB (and the like), look no further than the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight,” Collins said. In addition to its high-quality construction, Collins especially likes this stroller for its large canopy, roomy storage basket, practical parent console and smooth ride.
Front Wheel: Swivel with ability to lock straight
Price: $299.99

Baby Jogger F.I.T.

“[This stroller is] lightweight, with a higher seat, thanks to an up-curved sun canopy that I haven’t seen in other models — this makes it especially suitable for taller kids,” Filatova said. “The handlebar is placed higher than usual so, taller parents, this might be something you’ll really like!” She especially likes this jogger because the design really takes into account the child’s comfort. Ultimately, Filatova explained, “what you’re paying for is a reliable, well-engineered jogger.”
Front Wheel: Fixed
Price: $399.99

Mountain Buggy Terrain

“The Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller is well-liked by serious trail runners and other hardcore athletes,” Collins said. “This is a true jogging stroller that loves terrain and works great in the hills, sand, or snow.” A well-designed, durable stroller with great features, one of its only downsides is that it weighs a bit more than the average running stroller.  Ultimately, though, it’s a high-quality versatile product that does not disappoint. “I do believe the Mountain Buggy Terrain has become the new badass in the jogging stroller department,” Collins said. “With the double wheel package, it’s perfect for thrill-seeking urbanites who are looking for one stroller for both city and trail.”
Front Wheel: Swivel with ability to lock straight
Price: $499.00

BOB Ironman Sport Utility

“If you’re looking for an outdoorsy stroller, look no further, Filatova said. “This is a durable, all-terrain jogger that’s hard to beat.” She described it as a mountain-bike-Cadillac hybrid, a stroller that’s ultra comfortable for kids and that offers a smooth ride over all types of terrain. “Despite being a bit heavy, and having a non-dynamic look, [the Sport Utility] runs beautifully and is perfect for any terrain, especially off-road trail jogging or walking,” Filatova added.
Front Wheel: Fixed
Price: $312.99