Rugged Smartphone Cases

Rugged Smartphone Cases

Bullfrogz Case by iFrogz—iPhone 5/5s

This dual-layer case comes with invisibleSHIELD screen protection, a sliding camera lens cover and a durable frame. It’s a great value for a tough case, saving you a few bucks for future adventures.
Find it here for $29.99

Kraken A.M.S. by Trident—Motorola Moto X

After 26 four-foot drops onto concrete, rain testing at 7.9 inches per hour and three hour tests in dust and sand storms, this case was deemed fit at military standards. Extra protection on the four corners, a removable media stand and an optional bike mount make this a top pick for the most active user.
Find it here for $49.95

Tough Jacket Maxx by Ballistic—HTC One (M8)

Finding a hardcore case for the new M8 is no easy task, but this one from Ballistic passes a 7-foot drop test and comes with multiple layers, including a screen protector. The reviews are positive, albeit a little weird. “It doesn't matter which phone you need it for, Ballistic is the top of the line. I actually throw my phone across the parking lot to prove the point. People think I'm crazy... LOL! :-) Thanks Ballistic,” said one reviewer.
Find it here for $49.99

Survivor by Griffin—Samsung Galaxy S5

Designed to meet U.S. Department of Defense standards for protection, this case is set for whatever adventure you have in mind. Sealed ports keep out sand, dust and rain (up to 200mm in an hour), and the phone has been drop tested from six feet.
Find it here for $49.99

Dozer by Stanley and Incipio—iPhone 5/5s

Incipio has teamed up with Stanley, the construction tool company, to offer a line of smartphone cases that will keep up with the most demanding work. Three layers, a screen protector and a lifetime guarantee round out this tough case.
Find it here for $49.99

frē by LifeProof—Samsung Galaxy S4

LifeProof is known for maximum protection in a low profile case. Keep out all the elements from dirt and mud to rain and snow, without sacrificing the slim shape of your phone. Built to military and international specifications for drop protection and water resistance, you can confidently take this case on any adventure.
Find it here for $79.99

Preserver Series by OtterBox—iPhone 5/5s

OtterBox is the best known protection case in the smartphone world. This company is the top seller in the U.S. and Canada for a reason, their stuff works. This particular case is waterproof, locks out dust and dirt and can handle 6.6 foot drops.
Find it here for $89.95

SLXTREME 5 by Snow Lizard—iPhone5/5s

Not only is this case drop tested at six feet and waterproof to depths of six feet, the case has an extra battery that can recharge the phone one and a half times. If you happen to be stranded on a desert island for more than a week, no worries, the case also comes with a solar panel that will keep the phone going. Because what would that disaster be without documentation via Instagram?
Find it here for $149.99