Round-the-World Cyclists Killed in Thailand

British couple had cycled 23 countries over 18 months

Two British adventurers travelling the world by bike died tragically, last Wednesday, after being struck by a truck in Thailand.

The couple, artists Peter Root and Mary Thompson, had been cycling for 18 months since setting out by ferry from the British island of Guernsey in July 2011. Their film, Cycling Central Asia, was recently accepted in Portland’s Filmed By Bike festival, and they had been writing dispatches from the road on their blog, Two On Four Wheels.

They were both 34.

Root and Thompson had already passed through politically perilous Iran, traced part of the Afghan border, and even found themselves in the middle of an armed skirmish in Tajikistan. But it was a careless pickup truck driver 70 miles from tourist-friendly Bangkok—in a country in which road accidents kill 13,000 a year, according to British newspaper Metro—that took their lives.

The charismatic pair had planned to circumnavigate the globe, including a stopover in New Zealand to visit family, according to an interview in Guernsey’s Gallery Magazine (skip to page 46).

The Filmed By Bike organizers are currently planning a tribute video, to air during the festival.

Via Gadling.

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