Review: No Show Active Top

If you wear a bikini, this is a must.
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One thing I have never been able to understand: Girls who surf in an itsy-bitsy bikini top. I, for one, have never been able to keep even one of those silly string triangles in place when I’m swimming in the still waters of a pool, let alone out in the waves. Just look—these women are the promotional image of the new all-girl surfing magazine launching this month, and even they are impractically scantily clad, all while theoretically away from the leering eyes of men. It’s ridiculous! But I digress.

For the 99 percent of women out there who, like me and unlike surf models, are concerned about their modesty while diving into a pool, kicking ass in a game of beach volleyball or catching waves, there’s a new accessory on the beach—the No Show Active Top. Built like a cross between a bikini and a sports bra, it’s zipped up PFD-style over the top of your suit to protect you from the nearly inevitable nip—or worse, full boob—slip. The company claims that if offers enough support for you to take a jog down the beach all while doing away with unsightly tan lines thanks to thin-strap back and halter neckline.

Trying this thing out, I was skeptical. The website is a little cheesy, and I just couldn’t imagine that putting something over my suit would be comfortable or—with its bathing-suit-esque material—supportive. And while I was impressed with the patterns (I’m a sucker for tie-dye, and there are options that could match nearly every bottom), ultimately I just couldn’t imagine a woman toting this to the beach or not looking like she had just thrown a sports bra over her bikini.

But, I stand (er, swim) corrected. I brought the Top with me on a week-long camping trip on Lake Michigan, where the waves were roaring like the ocean. And as two of my friends immediately accidentally exposed themselves to the beach, I was diving through waves without a worry. I didn’t have to readjust once, and even after a game of ultimate on the beach, everything remained exactly where it should be. As a bonus, I was even complimented on how good it looked. 

Hits: Comfortable, cute, easy to pack, provided extra support* and, thankfully, kept my modesty wholly intact.
Misses: The back strap is a little awkward—if you have a tie or clasp, you end up with a slight bump or double tan.
MSRP: $30-$35
Buy It

*I can’t make support claims for the more-than-moderately busty woman. If you are and have tried the Top, let me know what you think! 

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