Review: La Sportiva Spantik Boot

An innovative alpine boot that doesn’t skimp on warmth or performance

Evolution is a beautiful thing, resulting in sublime forms such as the platypus, Brangelina, and now the La Sportiva Spantik. Still innovative after four years on the market, the Spantik represents all that is good in the alpine world.

The Spantik achieves the holy grail of boot design: it’s a double boot that feels like a single boot. It even manages to feel lighter than its 5 lb, 1 oz scale weight, combining and improving on the best of composite shell technology from the Nuptse and the mid- and outer-sole of the Nepal EVO GTX.

What this means to you is not having to sacrifice warmth for technical prowess or vice versa. Does it work? Not just yes, but hell yes. On vertical ice at temperatures well below freezing it feels nimble and precise. Yet even with just a liner sock on, I never felt even a tinge of cold. The fit is just a little roomy in the toe box (I have slightly narrow feet), so I had a perfect fit once I added a thick mountaineering sock.

The lacing system is what you first notice on the Spantik. It’s a single, very thin lace on each boot that closes either with a Velcro tab (inner boot) or by wrapping around a disc (outer boot). Here’s the beta: modify the pull on the outer boot lace so it doesn’t slip over the keeper knot and carry a spare set in case of breakage and you will absolutely love it. It sets the cuff to the desired stiffness around your ankle for great support and does not slip: hallelujah!

If you can afford the price of entry, rest assured that the Spantik is not just some marketing exec’s overhyped glands at work; it delivers true innovation.

Hits: Toasty warm, helium-light technical double-boot that won’t get in your way when it’s time to get vertical.

Misses: The high price of quality. Time to take out that second mortgage or maybe sell a kidney.

MSRP: $750


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