Reinventing the Bike Wheel

This new suspension system is built into the wheel and aims to give cyclists a smoother ride

Any bike rider who’s ever been tossed around by a pothole or an unexpected bump in the trail can appreciate the importance of suspension. The little shock absorbers that sometimes come on the side of front bike wheels, on the fork, take some of the pressure off, but are they enough?

Designer and inventor of Loopwheels Sam Pearce doesn’t think those shocks on the side are enough—so he reinvented the wheel.

His invention, Loopwheels, are a shock-absorbing solution, built into the wheel where traditional spokes would be on other bikes. The loop-shaped system is made of a carbon composite material for flexibility and durability and the whole thing is designed to make your ride smoother, quieter and ultimately more comfortable. The system is best understood by watching the ride in action.

The company is only selling the small 20-inch Loopwheel at the moment, you can buy an entire folding bike outfitted with the wheels or just the wheel, but they have plans to expand. Loopwheel received funding from a Kickstarter campaign to begin making Loopwheels for wheelchairs and they reportedly plan to make wheels for mountain bikes in the future.

For more information on Loopwheel, check out their website.

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