Refund or Reentry for NYC Marathon Runners

Controversial negotiations between the NYRR and its insurers come to an end
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After weeks of negotiations with their insurers, the New York Road Runners can offer would-be participants in this year’s New York City Marathon a full refund or automatic entry into one of the 2013-15 events. The marathons are normally so popular that the NYRR relies on a lottery system to choose participants. 

The New York City Marathon was cancelled this year due to Hurricane Sandy. About 60,000 runners were registered for the event.

Thursday marked the end of seven weeks of negations and left the NYRR with a multi-million dollar settlement. The NYRR declined to say exactly how much they received.

Runners who choose the automatic entry option will have to pay the registration fee for a second time. However, they will be allowed to pay the 2012 price, rather than the charge for the 2013-2015 events. Despite the lower price, this decision is still likely to upset many athletes.

New York runners who registered for the 2012 event paid about $250—a significantly higher rate than the registration fee for similar events. International runners paid more than $300.

Via The Wall Street Journal.


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