Red Bull Rampage 2012

Red Bull Rampage 2012

Brendan Howey (CAN) no-hands it on a big drop.

Cam Zink (USA) rides a ridge in practice on Saturday.

Darren Berrecloth (CAN, right) goes over his line during lunch Saturday. Riders scout their own lines down the course, often bringing a team along with picks and shovels to help remove rocks and firm up terrain they'll be riding over.

Kurt Sorge (CAN) performs a superman on his final (championship) run.

Brandon Semenuk (CAN) didn't win Rampage, but he did secure his second straight Freeride Mountain Biking Association (FMBA) World Tour win with his 14th-place finish.

Cam McCaul (USA) drops from a ledge.

There's only one way up. Kurt Sorge (CAN) demonstrates that even freeride royalty must huff it to the top with their bikes on their backs. It's a good reminder of exactly how high each run is.

Darren Berrecloth (CAN) on a jump. He finished 19th.

Cameron McCaul (USA) gets big air.

These guys were there to watch it all.