Sneak Peek: Google Glass Rival at 1/3 the Price

Underdog Recon Jet 'smart sunglasses' quietly gives Google a run for its money

Google Glass is receiving plenty of attention before its 2014 public release—for its absurdly high price tag, invasion-of-privacy-issues and pre-emptive outright bans.The $1,500 that Google Glass “Explorers” shelled out for the privilege of being guinea pigs has potential consumers fretting the price tag.

While Google Glass takes the brunt of the criticism, a lesser known pair of wearable smart glasses are getting noticed. Recon Jet is a sporty pair of lightweight, polarized sunglasses with a high definition camera that connects to the Internet.

Google Glass and Recon Jet have their differences, the most significant being price. Recon Jet is available for $499 until July 21, and will be $599 thereafter. They hope to begin shipping the glasses in December.

Recon Jet markets itself as the smart glasses for outdoorsman and with that in mind it also tracks your speed, distance traveled, heart rate and route. Inside the Recon Jet are many of the same components that make up our smartphones, only (at a scant two ounces) half the weight:

• A 1 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor

• 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of internal flash storage

• A trio of 3D sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer

• Sensors to read pressure, touch and ambient temperature

• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+, GPS and Apple MFi connectivity

• An HD video camera and microphone

Everything on the glasses is controlled via a touch-sensitive pad on the right-hand temple, which can be manipulated even if you’re wearing gloves. The device can also export your various exercise accomplishments to social media platforms.

Recon Instruments, the Canadian Company behind the glasses, says it’s not attempting to be a competitor with Google Glass. But its sleek design, affordable price and niche audience may indeed give Google a run for wearable tech supremacy.

Check out Recon Jet in action in the video below.

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