Races to Run Before You Die Slideshow

Races to Run Before You Die Slideshow

An entire third of Iceland's population arrives in Reykjavik on the day of its capital city’s big run, all to cheer for you! Err…and to celebrate Reykjavik Culture Night, a day that packs the picturesque city with local art, food and fireworks—all planned to coincide with (and add hype to) race day. Pair the city’s enthusiasm with a pancake-flat course and the chance to stride past stretches of the country’s uninhabited, pristine waterfront and steaming geothermal springs, and you may find yourself wishing that Reykjavik held an ultra.
When: August
Offers: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 3k Fun Run, Kids’ Races

Start and finish your race in Chile’s most visited national park—Torres del Paine. Soak in the unparalleled beauty of the famous area as you gaze upon diverse wildlife, towering rock formations, glistening lakes and pristine glaciers. Trod happily knowing that with your entry, a native tree will be planted in Chilean Patagonia—and the hosting organization will continue to bring attention to Patagonia’s fragile ecosystem. Oh, and a small word of caution: Sure, you can plug into your iPod for the race, but the organizers want you to know that “you might not hear the guanacos chasing after you.” We recommend keeping your ears perked.
When: September
Offers: Ultramarathon, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k

Whisk past some of the most iconic pieces of Western art and architecture like a tourist, and meander through secluded, picturesque alleys like a local—all in one race. “You’re immersed in the culture and able see the subtleties of daily life in a way that you never could purely as a tourist,” says Jeff Galloway, the author of Smart Marathon Training, who calls this race jaw-dropping. Cross the finish line in the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce, take a cool-down jog back around to Michaelangelo’s David (yes, it’s still that small), and treat yourself to a post-race wine and gelato.
When: Late fall
Offers: Marathon, 10k and 3k Fun Runs, Fit Walks, and Tourist Walks

When you're heading to the continent’s most northerly marathon, don’t bother packing water—all of the H2O you encounter along the rugged course is clean enough to drink straight from the source (and guaranteed ice-cold). As you sip, keep an eye out for the polar bears, beluga whales, arctic foxes, muskoxen and other animals with which you’ll share the pebble-covered trails and iceberg-filled waters—which won’t be hard under the 24-hour arctic sun.
When: July
Offers: Marathon, Ultramarathon

More than 400 species of native animals roam the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya, and during the Safaricom Marathon, you’ll be just one more of them. Winding up and down the undulating dirt roads of the park, antelopes, elephants and lions help keep pace—and if that doesn’t make you sweat, temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit will. Later, cozy up to a fire with fellow runners and spectators in Safaricom Village, an onsite tent campground, and spend a night under the bright stars of the wild African plains (communal kumbaya optional).
When: June
Offers: Marathon, Half Marathon, Kids’ Fun Run

Skip the crowds—and the hassle—of big, classic tourist races and sink into the easygoing pace and welcoming feel of a small-town course. “I often tell people that this is one of my favorite races,” Galloway says. “It’s a quieter, more humble, more honest experience. A runner’s race. People come here to get together and run because it’s something that they love to do—not to tick it off their bucket list.” In Mesa Falls, breathe in a beautiful, downhill course through lonely farmland and rushing springs, share a well-deserved handshake with the (“fantastic”) organizers at the finish line, and chat with locals over a huckleberry milkshake from the local drugstore’s soda counter. No wait or reservation necessary.
When: Fourth Saturday of August
Offers: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, and 1 mile Fun Runs

The Times Square ball drop? Yawn. Next year, stay in America’s iconic city, but run into your New Year’s resolutions head first at the 4-mile Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park. Start your warm-up with a DJ-driven dance session; hype your mental game by showing off your best winter-themed costumes at the costume contest; then dash across a fireworks-lit Central Park starting line as the clock strikes midnight. Happy New Year!
When: December 31
Offers: 4 miles

Warning: If you dread stair workouts, the Great Wall Marathon may not be for you. But if you’re looking to conquer gravity—and do it on a historic landmark, to boot—no fewer than 5,164 steps await you in China. Pump up your training before making the trek, so that the course’s high temperatures and high altitude don’t leave you too bonked to soak in the culture of four miles on the wall and of the meandering remainder through the jungle of rural China.
When: May
Offers: Marathon, Half Marathon, 7.5k Fun Run

Until recently, Myanmar was better known more for its bloody military crackdowns and anti-democratic stance than for its…well, running. But after hosting its first international marathon in decades in early 2013, the people are ready for their country to shine. Start and end your race in the shadow of Yangon’s iconic Schwedagon Pagoda, explore the lush, tropical jungles that surround the city afterwards, and be among the first to help usher in a new era for Myanmar.
When: January
Offers: Marathon, 10K, 3K Fun Run/Walk

Ever since its inaugural race in 2007, the Tokyo Marathon has been big. Numbered among the world’s largest, the 2013 race is expected to see nearly 40,000 participants cross the finish line, and—in classic Japanese fashion—donning everything from hardcore running gear to Hello Kitty and Dragonball Z costumes. But the race’s numbers pale in comparison to the crowded capital city’s, so be sure to leave a little extra time getting to the start line.
When: February
Offers: Marathon, 10k


Sweat your way through the Australian Outback on flat red dirt roads that take you for a run back in time. Out on the course, gaze upon Ayers Rock (a World Heritage Site) and The Olgas, rock formations sacred to the Aboriginal people that are still surrounded by rock caves and stone paintings. Don’t miss the indigenous animals—like foxes, reptiles, kangaroos and even camels—which have been known to gather in the densest populations near the rocks’ watering holes. Ready? Set? Let’s hear an, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oui, Oui, Oui!”
When: July
Offers: Marathon, Half Marathon, 11k and 6k Fun Run


White sand beaches, crashing blue surf, fresh seafood, a welcoming culture—and one of America’s largest running races. Sound like heaven? Join tens of thousands who agree when you saunter up to the Waikiki starting line. After making your way through the lush paradise, climb past the 700-foot-tall volcanic crater of Diamond Head, where short uphill grades offer you sweeping views of Oahu's gorgeous coastline, then cross the finish line as tide goes out (a dip in the Pacific might just be your new favorite way to cool down).
When: December
Offers: Marathon, 10k Fun Walk