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Mr. Motivator wants you to start the morning right
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Do you need a little extra incentive to work out in the morning? Perhaps a buff, enthusiastic, neon-clad personal trainer would help.

Meet Mr. Motivator—Quaker Oats answer for anyone who needs a cheap, fast and easy work out without the gym. The character was designed by the company after Quaker and YouGov conducted a fitness survey in the U.K. Although 85 percent of particiapnts listed health and fitness in their New Year’s Resolution, more than a quarter had already given up on the goal.

In the video, Mr. Motivator works out with English actress Denise Van Outen. The duo leads viewers through two minutes of “high intensity” training including running in place, marching (with style!), and superman runs.

It’s just one workout of a series of “two minute movers.” You can see them all on the Quaker Oats UK YouTube channel. 

Via Greatist.

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