Pump-Action Shotgun Obliterates Bugs

Bug-A-Salt uses table salt to put down your pesky bug problem

Beautiful weather comes at a cost. Do you want to continue to live out the summer months on the defensive against mosquitos, houseflies and spiders?

Now you can take the fight to pesky bugs—with a pump-action shotgun that turns ordinary table salt into a lethal weapon.

An artist and surfer, Lorenzo Maggiore is the brains behind a new weapon called Bug-A-Salt. He touts it as a hunting device far superior to fly swatters and more eco-friendly than bug zappers.

“No one pities the fly,” is the company motto. 

In the video below Lorenzo puts the Bug-A-Salt to practice, blasting flies in slow motion as they make a move for JELL-O, cheese puffs and human flesh.

At a barbecue, the Bug-A-Salt could be even more efficient. Shoot a bug off of your ear of corn and salt it at the same time. (Or, on second thought....)

You can buy the bug killing machine online for $34.95.