Profile: Decathlete Trey Hardee

This all-round athlete may be the world's best multi-sporter

Age: 29
Sport: Decathlon
Highlights: Silver medal decathlon winner at London 2012 Olympics; NCAA decathlon national champion in 2005 and 2006; Gold medal decathlon winner at 2009 and 2011 World Athletics Championships
Quote: "Your blood's boiling, you're ready to just kind of explode. It's really hard keeping that in the cage, and there's nowhere to hide, there's nowhere to go. The decathlon is completely truthful in everything it gives you back."
Fact: Hardee played football, soccer, basketball, and ran track while in high school in Vestivia Hills, Alabama.

Decathletes are often considered the world’s greatest athletes, and the gold medal winner at the Olympics has the honor of being named the “World’s Greatest Athlete,” a tradition started by no-nonsense King Gustav V of Sweden at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. And although Hardee has never been officially so named, his best finish in the Olympics being a silver medal in 2012, a strong argument can be made for him. Hardee won gold in 2009 and 2011 at the World Championships in Athletics, proof of high perfomance over a significant period of time. Even being the freakish athlete that he is, Hardee was cut from his varsity basketball team as a junior, which inspired him to take up track and field. Decent decision.
—Kurt Miller

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