Steph Gilmore: Life as a Female Pro Surfer

The world champ talks about her job and the evolution of surf culture
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In a battle of dream careers, Stephanie Gilmore could take top prize. As a professional surfer, Gilmore jaunts between gorgeous, exotic beach destinations, honing her skills on waves across the world. She's a lucky woman...and she knows it.

“Being paid to do something you absolutely love every day is better than anything,” she told CNN in her interview for the media company's Human to Hero series.

She’s also helping shape the industry at a formative time. Surfing became a professional sport about 30 years ago and has gone through several shifts, Gilmore said. Today, it’s becoming more about professionalism and getting back to its roots, as well as shedding cheesy stereotypes created by films such as Point Break. 

"The biggest misconception about surfers is they all talk the surf lingo," Gilmore said. "Not everybody does and I think Hollywood portrays a pretty scary image of how surfers go about their language."

Gilmore, 25, began her career in 2007. In her rookie year, she won the ASP Women’s World Championship—a feat she repeated the next three years and again in 2012.

In her interview with CNN, Gilmore also talked about her biggest fear (big waves) and the future of women in the sport.

"All the girls on tour, they're fresh faced, they speak well, it's a beautiful product," she said. "I feel like these next few years are going to be about harnessing that product and then showing it to the world in the right way."

Via CNN.

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