A Pro Triathlete’s Tips on Recovering from Injury [Video]

Sarah Piampiano shares her journey recovering from a broken femur and advice for other athletes suffering injury

Suffering injury and having your training derailed is tough on anyone, but when you’ve made training and competing your life, major injuries are absolutely devastating.

That was the case when professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano suffered a fracture in her femur, most likely due to stress from overtraining. The lifelong athlete fell in love with the sport of triathlon after her first race and began training to compete on a professional level. She eventually left her job in finance and moved from New York to Los Angeles to train with a team of coaches full time.

After early successes and regular appearances on podiums, the stress fracture temporarily derailed her competition schedule. She’s since worked her way back to competing and has shared her recovery story—and some tips—in the form of a video.

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