Pro Packing Tip: A Paddle Bag is Your Friend

Paddle bag can be checked, stuffed like ski bag

Bringing your own equipment on a paddle trip can be a headache, especially if you have to fly. Pro kayaker Stephen Wright seems to have solved this problem:

A paddle bag is mighty close in size to a ski bag, which most airlines will treat as a standard checked bag, and it has plenty of space leftover for things you don’t mind hitching a ride with your paddles.

With dozens of kayak-related flights to his name, Wright has gotten packing these things down to a science:

The best way to choose what can fit in the paddle bag is to go for your smallest, heaviest items, then your soft goods – slowly add them after the paddles are in place. The soft goods actually protect your blades. The good news is that NRS uses a super heavy-duty zipper, and I’ve never had a bag open up on me despite really over filling them.

His packing list is impressive, including paddles (duh), a bike lock, shoes, and a portable solar panel.

To see what else is in Wright’s bag, check out the full post at Duct Tape Diaries.

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