Priority Bicycles: The New Bicycle Line Out to Change the Industry

Affordability and quality come together in the launch of a new bicycle line
Priority Outdoor Products Inc

Today, a bicycle company called Priority Bicycles launched its new line of bicycles that are gearing up to change the bicycle industry. The New York-based bicycle company is dedicated to making cycling more enjoyable and affordable through their first collection of models.

Within hours, the Kickstarter campaign has already doubled its pledged goal and still has another 30 days left. The Kickstarter campaign offers an introductory price of $349 for the bicycle. Priority will be selling the bikes after the campaign for $399.

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Dave Weiner, founder of Priority explained, “We know how much joy a high quality bicycle can bring to a busy life, and we wanted to spread this joy to the masses by offering a quality bike at a price nearly any casual cyclist can afford.”

And the bicycles attempt to offer just that, quality. Priority Bicycles are built from rust-free lightweight aluminum so you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, or any chance of rusting over time. They also offer a lubrication-free belt drive instead of a chain. That means no more greasy pant legs or rusty chains.

“I am incredibly proud of the product we’ve created,” Weiner added. “The bicycle looks great, rides amazing, and is affordable. The maintenance free design of our bicycle is a game changer and I truly believe it will help others to share my passion for cycling.”

Adding to the concept of a maintenance-free bike, the tires included are also puncture resistant. While it’s not guaranteed you will never get a flat, these tires are much more resistant to glass and rocks than most. The design also includes a comfortable saddle, upright seating position and theft resistant bolts.

But, possibly the most impressive quality of the bike is the three-speed gears offered at such a low price. Three speeds are versatile yet simple. The Priority website claims, “While most of the day you’ll be in gear two. Priority gives you the option to gain speed in gear three, or taking it easy in gear one. Life is about options, and we like to keep it simple.”  

With the goal of making cycling easier, Priority provides you with everything you may need including a water bottle cage, kickstand and bicycle pump. The bicycles assemble in four easy steps and have a sleek, attractive aesthetic. Each bike comes with a satisfaction guarantee so if the customer is unhappy, Priority will take back the bike without any questions.

Weiner wants to share his love for cycling to anyone and everyone, “Cycling isn’t just for Tour de France riders, it’s for everyone who needs a few minutes of escape in an otherwise busy life. Priority Bicycles’ focus is to enable our customers to maintain a good work/life balance, be healthy, and above all, make living a happy life their priority.”

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